Four Game-changing Benefits of Texada Pay

Texada is thrilled to announce the launch of their payment processing platform Texada Pay.

Texada Pay provides Texada’s customers the ability to...

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Using Rental Fleet Management Software to Make Educated Decisions

 I remember the day that two full truckloads of new equipment arrived. Mechanics, dispatchers, managers, yard guys, and some salesmen gathered and...

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Renting Online: Speed Up Your Operations Team by Growing Your Sales Team

As a company grows their team, communication gaps can quickly grow between different sections of the company. One of the biggest gaps that...

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5 Ways Paperwork is Delaying Your Billing and How to Solve Them

 Over the last decade the business world has been experiencing a technological shift. With most information being created by or input into...

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What Everybody Ought to Know About Aerial Work Platform Inspections

Equipment inspections are one of those routine tasks that are easy to overlook, but they are critical. Conducting proper aerial work platform...

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Four Ways Preventative Maintenance Will Grow Your Bottom Line

You will have to spend money on equipment maintenance, but when you choose to spend that money could impact how much money you actually make. When...

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