Industry Best Practices

Why Is Everyone Talking About Cybercrime?

Cybercrime is not just a concern for large technology companies anymore. It has become so profitable for the perpetrators that even individuals and small businesses have become the targets. In 2020,...
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Industry Best Practices - Aug 16, 2019

RER asks Texada about online rentals, customer support, FleetLogic, and more

Rental Equipment Register recently published an interview with KJ Park, Texada's VP of Growth & Strategy. The interview highlights recent product improvements and releases over the last year. It also provides insight into...
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Industry Best Practices - Oct 11, 2018

Unlocking The Full Potential Of Your Software By Busting The 10% Myth

 There is a popular urban myth that humans only use 10% of their brain...
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Industry Best Practices - Jun 24, 2018

Top Six Reasons Why Good Technicians Quit Their Jobs

Have you noticed that John has been slacking lately? He has been late three times this week, and customers are starting to complain about him. That doesn’t sound like John though does it? John has been one of your top guys for a...
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Industry Best Practices - Feb 15, 2018

AR: The Future of Field Service

 Everyday, Augmented Reality (AR) is becoming less “science fiction” and more of an essential element for enterprise growth as industries discover its various practical uses in the field. While many companies have had this...
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Industry Best Practices - Jan 12, 2018

Six Questions Dispatchers Can Ask to Better Manage Service Calls

 Many hands make lighter work, right? Not always…
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Industry Best Practices - Oct 12, 2017

Fixing Weak Links: How To Promote Accountability In Your Service Team

Have you ever struggled trusting a member of your service team to get the job done? It isn’t uncommon to find a lack of accountability among service technicians, yet there isn’t a clear cut way to fix it. Instead we mislabel the...
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Industry Best Practices - Aug 15, 2017

5 Ways Digital Work Orders Can Supercharge Your Service Team’s Productivity

 Paper Work Orders Slow You Down!
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Industry Best Practices - Jul 26, 2017

The Sooner You Track These 3 Service Department KPI’s The Better

Success can be measured in a variety of ways. There are always metrics you can string together to make yourself look good, but consistently measuring relevant key performance indicators will give you an honest perspective on how...
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Industry Best Practices - Jul 24, 2017

What Everybody Ought to Know About Aerial Work Platform Inspections

Equipment inspections are one of those routine tasks that are easy to overlook, but they are critical. Conducting proper aerial work platform inspections enables operators, mechanics and fleet managers to better maintain their...
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