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How Software Can Help Rental Companies Fuel Growth

Billy is a mechanic who enjoys taking apart an excavator to diagnose a pump failure as much as he does his Harley Fatboy to rebuild the engine. One day, he saves enough money to buy his own backhoe...
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KJ Park

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Productivity - Apr 16, 2020

Taking care of our kids education during COVID

Not only are our customers rental business operators, they are often moms and dads with children hungry for attention. In this time of social distancing and remote work, our customers have a responsibility to their business and...
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3 min read
SaaS - Apr 9, 2020

What is Software as a Service and how does it apply to the equipment rental industry?

Software as a Service (SaaS), is a licensing model in which software is delivered to the user through the internet from a web browser or a mobile app store that can be accessed by multiple devices (e.g. laptop, desktop or other...
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3 min read
AR - May 4, 2018

Three Ways AR and WOMS Supercharges Field Service Training

Augmented reality (AR) is radically changing the nature of training within the field service industry. Service technicians can now rehearse basic skills and repairs in simulated hazardous conditions without being endangered so...
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4 min read
FleetLogic - Nov 6, 2017

Artificial Intelligence Can Empower Field Service and Enhance Customer Experience

Over the past decade, technology has redefined how service businesses approach jobs. From heavy equipment services to residential services, anywhere a clipboard was the traditional method of documentation, mobile technology has...
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