Cornelius Hempwick - Feb 15, 2019

Hempwick's Enchanted Items Shop: A Lord of the Rentals Story


Welcome Travelers,

My name is Cornelius Hempwick and I am a seventh generation enchanted items merchant. My great great great great great great grandfather Linus Hempwick used to be an adventurer like you, but then he took an arrow to the knee. 

Forced to retire from a life of questing, Grampa Linus founded Hempwick's Enchanted Item's Shop to rent rare and enchanted items to the brave souls that venture into danger in search of lost treasure, glory, or to rid the world of evil.

Our shop is located beneath Dragon’s Aerie and just west of the Mines of Lorea, so we get hundreds of adventurers passing through every month. The Hempwick's are known across the realm for our high quality equipment coupled with insightful recommendations. Adventurers that rent from me are 30% more likely to complete their quest.

So how do I manage to run a high volume rental operation while forging top quality weapons and armour?

Last year my father retired and we implemented RentalLogic to allow me to maximize productivity. RentalLogic unchained me from my post behind the rental counter, and since then we have increased our income in ways that could was not thought to be achievable with even the darkest of elven magic.

RentalLogic simplifies and streamlines the rental management process, with easy solutions for all my basic rental tasks:

  • I can manage my inventory availability
  • Quickly create contracts and process returns
  • Generates invoices for my regular customers
  • Process payments on the spot
  • Seamlessly integrate new items to my online store
  • Plus it even syncs with my accounting softwareRental_Logic_034

So, how does one hobbit have time to forge great items and run a rental shop? Well, Grampa Linus said you succeed by using tools the right tools for the job. RentalLogic is the tool that allows me the time to focus on my true passion... Enchanting.

Written by Cornelius Hempwick