Four Game-changing Benefits of Texada Pay

Texada is thrilled to announce the launch of their payment processing platform Texada Pay.

Texada Pay provides Texada’s customers the ability to...

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Should you consider Self-Service Portals for your Rental Customers?

Mar 15, 2019 | E-commerce, GateWay

Have you ever wondered how your rental business can provide more value-added services to those customers that have been a part of your growth for...

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Why (Most) Small Rental Operations Need To Update Their Websites

Websites aren’t just for the big guys anymore…

Let’s face it, by this point having a website for your rental business is a must.

When it comes to...

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Renting Online: Speed Up Your Operations Team by Growing Your Sales Team

As a company grows their team, communication gaps can quickly grow between different sections of the company. One of the biggest gaps that...

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