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Power Your Business with These Texada Features

Let’s be honest– the Texada suite of products is huge. While we are so proud of all the solutions we offer, if you’re a Texada veteran or a newcomer, you might not be leveraging all our features to...
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Matthew Hastie

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Rental Growth - Jan 9, 2023

Leverage Software-as-a-Service to Supercharge Your Business

How Using a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Stack Can Save You Money and Streamline Your Workflows   Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a term that’s become more and more prevalent over a handful of years. But, if you don’t know what...
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3 min read
SRM - Sep 6, 2022

Import Pre-Built Inspection Forms into SRM

Making inspection forms from scratch is a thing of the past! With the new functionality added to Texada Mobile, you can now import pre-built inspection forms into SRM and use them in Texada Mobile in moments. To learn more about...
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4 min read
SRM - Aug 30, 2022

LogiMove Joins Texada's Mission to Make Work Easy and Instant

LogiMove is a worldwide brand focused on digital transformation and a provider of customizable and low-code enterprise solutions that transform complex business processes into efficient workflows.
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2 min read
SRM - Aug 8, 2022

Simplify Inspections with these NEW Features from Texada

Inspections are a critical part of the rental business. Making sure your equipment comes back in pristine condition and is ready to be rented out again is crucial to maintaining a steady workflow. Traditionally, inspection forms...
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