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Five Reasons to Choose an Integrated Payment Solution

Getting paid doesn’t have to be complicated. With payments being an integral part of your rental business, the process must be as easy and instant as possible. In this article, we provide five...
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2 min read
Software Utilization - May 12, 2020

Texada introduces purchase order approval process

Within Texada SRM, managing purchase orders (PO) has been a pretty black and white process. 
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5 min read
FleetLogic - Apr 30, 2020

What is Field Service Management and how does it apply to equipment rental industry?

Rental companies track equipment maintenance in different ways. Some still use pen and paper, email, phone calls, text messages, spreadsheets, or homegrown systems. Others have tapped into modern technologies to digitize their...
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11 min read
Rental Management - Apr 23, 2020

What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and why does an equipment rental operation need it?

Nothing spells room for error in business, like a lot of moving parts. When those moving parts help hold your operation together, then mistakes can be costly. In the equipment rental industry, that could mean losing track of...
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3 min read
News - Apr 21, 2020

Texada Software rebrands during global health crisis saying, "Now more than ever, we're Powerful Together"

If you're familiar with Texada (or if you've known us a while, SYSTEMATIC), then you might have noticed we have had a few different logos over the years. 
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3 min read
Rental Growth - Apr 14, 2020

Top 5 rental product groups that support essential workers

While COVID continues to impact us all, construction has been deemed an “essential business” by many governments at this time. Still, many are feeling the pressure due to “stay at home” and self-quarantine orders. Job sites...
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3 min read
Productivity - Apr 1, 2020

Three tips to supercharge productivity while working from home

Over the last couple of weeks, COVID-19 has forced many companies to adapt their businesses to a remote workforce. But, for many rental professionals, working from home is still a relatively new concept. 
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2 min read
Industry News - Feb 3, 2020

Did ARA and CRA actually split-up over a magazine?

The short answer is no. However, after a 50-year partnership, North America's national rental associations are officially parting ways.The Canadian Rental Association (CRA) also considered Region 10 of the American Rental...
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3 min read
News - Dec 1, 2019

Texada Wins Google YouTube Works Award

Texada is thrilled to announce that our team was awarded a 2019 Google + YouTube Works award for our Ghost Expungers and Lord of the Rentals video advertising campaigns.
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6 min read
Industry Best Practices - Aug 16, 2019

RER asks Texada about online rentals, customer support, FleetLogic, and more

Rental Equipment Register recently published an interview with KJ Park, Texada's VP of Growth & Strategy. The interview highlights recent product improvements and releases over the last year. It also provides insight into...
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