Jesse McMinn - Jul 27, 2023

Texada Mobile: Location Filter for Tickets and Work Orders

This feature is available to all Texada Mobile users.

A new Location filter has been added to Texada Mobile! This feature allows Drivers and Mechanics with access to more than one Location to view Tickets and Work Orders for multiple Locations at once. This eliminates the need to constantly switch Locations via the User Menu!

Location Filter

To access this feature, tap the filter icon to the right of the search bar on the Tickets screen or Work Orders screen. When the Select Location window appears, tap all of the Locations for which you would like to view Tickets or Work Orders. You can also check the “Apply to all Documents” checkbox to apply this filter to all supported screens. Once you are finished, tap the ‘X’ to apply your filter and return to the Tickets or Work Orders screen.

Location Display

The Location of Tickets, Work Orders, and In-Yard Returns will now be displayed in various places throughout Texada Mobile. This feature makes it easy for Drivers and Mechanics working in multiple Locations to quickly tell the Location to which each document belongs.

This information can be seen in the following places:

  • Ticket List: In the bottom-right corner of each Ticket.
  • Ticket Details: At the top of the Info panel.
  • Work Order List: In the bottom-right corner of each Work Order.
  • Work Orders Details: At the top of the Info panel.
  • In-Yard Returns: Product Selection: Next to each Contract’s name.

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Written by Jesse McMinn