Jesse McMinn - Aug 11, 2023

iQuote: Remove Manually-Added Items When Changing Quote Source

A new configuration option has been added which allows you to remove manually-added items from a quote based on a standard package when the source of that quote is changed.

Remove Manually-Added Items - Configuration

The configuration controls iQuote’s behavior when you change a quote’s source. 

There are now four options available for this configuration:

  1. Keeps ALL CAT Components (Includes Manual Added)
  2. Keeps Only CAT Components Manual Added
  3. Delete All CAT Components (Includes Manual Added)
  4. Keep Only CAT Components WorkTools

The new option, option 3., will cause all CAT Components, including manually-added items, to be deleted from the quote when the quote source is changed. If you would like to activate this option, please reach out to our Support team via the Customer Portal.

Please Note: The change to the keys will affect only the new Quotes.

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Written by Jesse McMinn