Jesse McMinn - Apr 21, 2023

iQuote: Local Item Upload

This feature is for dealers that utilize our Local Item functionality.

Thanks to two new changes made to iQuote and to CloudLink’s APIs, it is now possible to fetch, create, update and delete Local Items via API!

Local Item ID Added to iQuote

A “Local Item ID” column has been added to the Local Items table in iQuote. This column allows you to see the ID of Local Items in your system.

To view this column, open iQuote, then select a product from the top menu. Select “Model Config” under “Base Model” in the left side menu, then click on the “Local Items” tab. Local Items are automatically assigned a unique ID when they are first created.

iQuote Screenshot

Local Item Endpoint

A new “Local Item” endpoint has been added to CloudLink’s APIs. This endpoint allows you to get, create, update, and delete Local Items via API. 

This endpoint represents the first of a new generation of CloudLink APIs built on OAuth 2.0. In order to access this endpoint, you will need to be given access credentials by a member of Texada staff. Please contact Texada support for assistance.

More information on this feature can be found in the Texada Knowledge Center. To learn more about how to access and use this new API, click the button below.

Knowledge Center

Written by Jesse McMinn