Matthew Hastie - Aug 30, 2022

LogiMove Joins Texada's Mission to Make Work Easy and Instant

LogiMove is a worldwide brand focused on digital transformation and a provider of customizable and low-code enterprise solutions that transform complex business processes into efficient workflows.

Since 2008, LogiMove has been focused on creating new mobility solutions for rental, heavy equipment, automotive, and producing industries that need a low coding platform to quickly improve their IT stack.

For more than 15 years, LogiMove has built applications that integrate with various CRMs, ERPs and other systems, in addition to operating in diverse languages. They have expanded to over 30 countries and execute more than six million business processes per day for companies such as Hertz, Caterpillar, United Rentals, Cooper equipment, Prangl, Media Saturn, and Europcar.

With rent and return workflows, an AI damage detection tool, and a variety of analytics and inspection tools, LogiMove provides you with the tools to grow and scale your business.

While some products are high-priced and include a ton of extra features you’ll never be able to leverage, LogiMove focuses on simple, pragmatic, and above all, high-quality software that empowers clients with cutting-edge technology and a reasonable price tag.


The Workflow Movement

A workflow is loosely defined as “a set of tasks that are grouped chronologically into processes and the set of people or resources needed for those tasks.”

A properly developed workflow can help streamline and automate repeatable business tasks and objectives, which in turn minimizes the room for errors and increases efficiency. However, creating a workflow that works for your business is no small feat. One has to see the big picture while simultaneously paying attention to the hundreds of small details that go into it. And don’t forget that you also have to manage the day-to-day operations.

It’s challenging and businesses often fail to develop proper workflows due to its complexity.

LogiMove wants to help. LogiMove’s goal is to assist with the proper development of a real up-to-date, performing workflow that empowers field workers by improving their ability to interface with the equipment, processes, services, and customers.

LogiMove’s key features include:

  • An A.I. powered damage detection system that makes it easy to track the condition of your assets
  • Comprehensive inspection functionality with over 100 forms, ready to go
  • The ability to create custom-built apps that are tailored to your company’s specific needs without the need for coding
  • Inventory tracking, allowing you to monitor all your equipment from any device
  • Rental scheduling, dispatching, and most importantly, tracking

The platform is built for the enterprise scale without sacrificing the adaptability and flexibility needed to deliver simple, easy-to-use tools that meet the worker where they are, without requiring any training. That means workers of any skill level are able to collect and send data, which reduces the ramp-up time to get employees contributing to the workflow and thus, the company’s optimization and success.

LogiMove provides apps that can streamline your workflows for:

  • Asset Management
  • Order Management
  • Inspections
  • Maintenance
  • Deliveries
  • Returns
  • Dispatching
  • and more!

These apps can be used on any Android, Apple or Windows operating system without the need for internet, allowing your business maximum flexibility. 


Manage Your Assets with Ease

However, while big companies can shell out for a good asset management solution, many smaller companies simply do not have the budget, meaning they are stuck with their manual processes.

That’s where LogiMove comes in. LogiMove offers a customizable asset management solution that tracks assets and inventories, saving time through your day-to-day operations. Through the platform, you can run inspections and schedule maintenance, which increases asset longevity, keep its performance high and avoids sudden breakdown costs.


Speaking of Inspections…

Heavy equipment inspection is a regular, routine process that ensures your fleet is compliant. If executed properly, it can save you from many headaches down the road in both monetary and process execution aspects.

We don’t have to tell you how crucial inspections are in this industry, but there are a couple of benefits we’d like to highlight:

  • Worker safety– not only is this great for the obvious reason of wanting to keep your people safe, but lower workplace injuries mean less money spent on re-staffing costs
  • Reducing equipment downtime– regular and smaller maintenance work means a shorter turnaround time. If a part of your fleet is just sitting around waiting for repairs, it’s not making you any revenue.
  • Lower repair costs– regular maintenance may cost less than an expensive job every so often. Plus, it’s definitely more cost effective than waiting for your equipment to break and having to replace it.

LogiMove’s Guided Damage System turns field workers into heavy equipment inspection experts. Employees follow a step-by-step process on the app and use the solution to process and verify all aspects of the inspection with photos, checklists, and pictograms.

This system can be easily customized for customer needs, all while still following international standards. The collected data is instantly added to the equipment’s record in the system, where the condition is analyzed and, if needed, additional steps are recommended.

Through LogiMove’s affordable and customizable solution, inspections and asset management are made easy and instant, allowing you to focus on your business’ growth.

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Written by Matthew Hastie