Jesse McMinn - Apr 6, 2023

ServiceLink: Dropbox Location by Latitude and Longitude

This feature is not configurable and is available to all CloudLink users.

ServiceLink’s Dropbox feature has been updated with improved support for coordinate-based dropbox locations! 

Work sites can be large, and their location doesn’t always directly correspond with an existing street address. Even when it does, street addresses don’t always provide the level of precision required to locate a specific dropbox. For this reason, Texada has added the ability to capture a dropbox’s latitude and longitude coordinates, allowing you to pinpoint its exact location on the map.

This new feature can be found in ServiceLink’s Dropbox tool:

  1. Open ServiceLink and click on the hamburger menu Hamburger Menu - ServiceLink at the top of the screen.
  2. Click on "Management" (under Admin).
  3. Click on "Dropbox" in the left sidebar.
  4. Click the "Add Dropbox" button Add Dropbox - ServiceLink to add a new dropbox, or click the edit button Edit Button - ServiceLink next to an existing dropbox to edit it.

ServiceLink - Add Dropbox SHADOW
You now have multiple options for setting the dropbox’s location:

  1. Enter a Latitude and Longitude for your dropbox, then click “Search” to drop a pin on the map. The “Related Address” field will autofill with the closest related street address, but the location of the pin will no longer be constrained to that address.
  2. Once you have dropped a pin on the map, click and drag it to move it. This will update the Latitude and Longitude values and allows you to precisely control the location of the dropbox.
  3. Click the “Lookup by Address” button Lookup by Address - ServiceLink to enter a street address and find its related coordinates. You can then either keep the pin as-is or drag and drop it to a new location.
ServiceLink - Dropbox Lookup by Address 2 SHADOW
Use this feature to make it even easier for your field workers to locate dropboxes, no matter the size or location of the work site!

Written by Jesse McMinn