Jesse McMinn - Apr 4, 2023

Condition Monitoring Portal: CC on Lead Creation

When creating a new lead in the Condition Monitoring Portal in Texada CloudLink, you now have the option of adding a CC User to the lead. This allows the CC User to act on the lead in situations where the assigned User is unavailable. The assigned User will still have ownership of the lead and be responsible for updating its status.

Note: This feature is available to all CloudLink users and is not configurable.


Condition Monitoring Portal

To add a CC User to a lead, click the magnifying glass    next to the “CC User” field in the Create New Lead window. Begin typing to search the list of CloudLink Users, then click on a User to add them to the lead. To remove a CC User, click the X icon    next to their name.

Only one CC User can be added to each lead. When a new lead is created, an email will be sent to the CC User to inform them that they have been added to the lead. Once a lead has been created, you can no longer change the CC User.

Written by Jesse McMinn