RER asks Texada about online rentals, customer support, FleetLogic, and more

Rental Equipment Register recently published an interview with KJ Park, Texada's VP of Growth & Strategy. The interview highlights recent product...

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Four Game-changing Benefits of Texada Pay

Texada is thrilled to announce the launch of their payment processing platform Texada Pay.

Texada Pay provides Texada’s customers the ability to...

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Should you consider Self-Service Portals for your Rental Customers?

Mar 15, 2019 | E-commerce, GateWay

Have you ever wondered how your rental business can provide more value-added services to those customers that have been a part of your growth for...

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Hempwick's Enchanted Items Shop: A Lord of the Rentals Story


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Why (Most) Small Rental Operations Need To Update Their Websites

Websites aren’t just for the big guys anymore…

Let’s face it, by this point having a website for your rental business is a must.

When it comes to...

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Unlocking The Full Potential Of Your Software By Busting The 10% Myth

Oct 11, 2018 | Industry Best Practices

 There is a popular urban myth that humans only use 10% of their brain...

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How Software Can Help Rental Startups Fuel Growth

Billy is a mechanic who enjoys taking apart an excavator to diagnose a pump failure as much as he does his Harley Fatboy to rebuild the engine....

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Systematic Over-Simplification

Texada Software is known for delivering unparalleled service to rental, construction asset management and field service companies. Upon joining...

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Using Rental Fleet Management Software to Make Educated Decisions

 I remember the day that two full truckloads of new equipment arrived. Mechanics, dispatchers, managers, yard guys, and some salesmen gathered and...

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Top Six Reasons Why Good Technicians Quit Their Jobs

Have you noticed that John has been slacking lately? He has been late three times this week, and customers are starting to complain about him....

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